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Rotherham When you arrive in Rotherham, you know that you're going to be in for an unforgettable and unquestionably awesome Stag Do right from the get-go! The welcoming folk and the electrifying nightlife form an unbeatable union that will make your Stag Party one to go down in the record books! Rotherham is, given its size, is capable of boasting a shockingly high number of obscenely attractive lady folk who certainly know how to have a good time in the towns many bars, clubs and pubs! And, if one of the hotties is giving you the "eye", be sure to seal the deal by showcasing dance moves the likes of which Rotherham has never seen....e.g disco inferno fused with a flashdancing robot. An absolutely cracking Stag Party venue that offers sheer enjoyment from the minute you arrive until the minute you wheel your hungover bones away!