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Preston A Stag Party in Preston is definitely a winning combination as it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to throwing a debauched and supremely entertaining bash that will see the Stag drunkenly saunter down the aisle....even if the wedding is a month later! That's how good Preston is! The nightlife of this North West city is famed throughout the area for the friendliness of the locals, the standard of the ladyfolk (high standard, that is) and the cheap brewskies that will keep the Stag Party with a higher percentage of beer than water in their bodies! Preston wouldn't be considered one of the region's top Stag venues if it didn't have a wealth of bars, clubs and pubs, so, it's good to know that not only does it but that they are all filled with impeccibly hot honeys out for a good time! For a Stag Do that sees the Groom off with a bang not a whimper, then it's Preston all the way!