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Ipswich For some smashing Suffolk Stag Party action, you'll be in luck if you opt for Ipswich! It is a hard partying and fun loving town that has some of the most obscenely attractive ladies and an electrifying nightlife that is famed throughout the South East! When you arrive you'll be greeted by an over-riding sense of fun and some top class Stag Party mayhem is sure to ensure from the many clubs, pubs and bars that you will find lining the streets of Ipswich! And once you've had so much to drink that standing is no longer an option, you can move on to the town's alluring strip-clubs and wallet baiting casinos! You will also be delighted to hear that Ipswich has Stag Parties in mind at all times as all the best drinking spots are within easy striking distance of one another! All in all a cracking town to throw a top class Stag Do!