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Bury Located between Manchester and Bolton, this cracking town is often overlooked but this does Bury a major dis-service as it is an awesome Stag Party venue full of top notch clubs, pubs, bars and strip clubs.....not to mention some of the finest looking ladies that the North West has to offer! From the moment you arrive and the first pint hits the class in the banter filled pub, you know that you're in for an unforgettable Stag Do that will ensure that the Stag remembers his last few days of freedom fondly....providing he can penetrate through the booze riddled barrier of 15 pints and remember anything at all! Bury has it all in one place which, when you've had an absolute skinful, is a blessing as you don't want to be trapsing across a massive city when your brain and legs have ceased to communicate! A smashing Stag Venue and one that shouldn't be overlooked!