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Luton Not content with having an airport, Luton also has the bare faced audacity to throw some kick ass Stag Parties that will ensure that the Stag's last few days of freedom are nothing more than a drunken blur with an innate knowledge of something excellent having happened! This will be largely because of the stellar line up of pubs, bars, clubs and strip clubs that you will be treated to on a night out in the vibrant town of Luton! The good news just keeps on rolling in where Luton is concerned as the quality of the lady folk in this cracking town is second to none and they will, more than likely, be in awe of your Stag Group's dance routine of drunkenly stumbling from side to side whilst brazenly daring gravity to take you down....which, ultimately, it will! A first rate place for an unforgettable Stag Do which we go down in the record's Luton all the way!